This one wo"man" theatre play discusses the too obvious problems concerning Europe and its role in the world.

Klara Höfels interprets the role of a European icon who has to represent Europe before a Chinese delegation. She is the representation of what Europe should symbolise, but the inner mind of this icon has different feelings about her role.

Klara Höfels takes us through a funny, but emotional account of her feelings about Europe. Starting out as an "untoned" woman she gradually strips down to become slender and energetic, which is the image Europe has to give to the world. Fortunately, she also gives an inside view about her feelings and what Europe is doing to the people living inside the community. She gradually becomes enlightened to her situation and her role, and starts telling the truth. Her truth. The people's truth.

A very moving and intimate performance at the Verlängertes Wohnzimmer in Berlin from the author Volker Lüdecke

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