Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch's Rough Cut

This was my first Pina Bausch performance and what a premiere!
The Berliner Festspiele always brings the most stunning and creative shows to Berlin.

Tonight, was no exception. All the energy that emanated from this dancing performance flooded the audience, giving them no other option than hanging on and enjoying the ride.

The female dancers, in colourful ball-gown style dresses, run, jump and somehow float around the huge stage. The male dancers, many times carrying, throwing and spinning these beautiful creatures, seem infatigable. This passionate combination of woman and man on stage, interlacing their bodies is very liberating. However, I was sometimes melancholic when the facial expressions and body movements were full of sad emotion. The music also emphasised this feeling.

The company works very well as an ensemble. Moreover, each performer has the possibility to express their own unique act, bringing originality and creativity to the whole show. All performers are from different parts of the world, like Argentina, Venezuela, France, Germany, Italy; creating a medley of colours and cultures. A breath of fresh air that only art can provide.

I have selected a number of performance and after party black and white portrait photos.

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