..Die Menschenfabrik

Amazing energy and talent was displayed during Oskar Panizza's "die Menschenfabrik" (the human factory) play in the Verlängertes Wohnzimmer in Berlin last Saturday.

Many young actors performed wonderfully as they rushed from one room to another in the factory. The sound of strange machines, mixed with various lights gave a feeling of mystery and unease. What is going on in this factory?!

Soon a lost couple accidently find their way into the factory. To their surprise they find out that a fabrication of human beings is being carried out by a greedy and immoral entrepreneur.

As the play continues, we get to meet the "fabricated humans", strangely enough all female, who walk around with white robes and blue hair. We are even given a real life sales spiel about the benefits of these new super humans. Under some strange red light a model is just standing there starkers displayed to the audience. Understandably a good and well proven sales technique.

Eventually the couple come into a discussion with the owner about the immorality of creating such humans. Of course, this play stirs up the current issues with stem cell research and human genetics in general.

This play is definitely worth seeing. Photos of the performance will be available in a few days after review from the theatre direction. But feel free to look at the the after party photos, which was also combined with David's birthday party.



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