Six Ensemble

Six Ensemble

Six Ensemble

Check this out! Two dancers, two acrobatic performers and two musicians. That's the make up of this phenomenal Six Ensemble at the Verlängertes Wohnzimmer.

The show starts out with a swinging trapeze courageously hanging and performing above the stage. Making the audience nervous, hoping she doesn't fall.

Suddenly appear two white angelic figures dressed in white mini skirts. They passionately dance in duet, throwing themselves over the stage in delicate and emotional gestures.

Continuing the spectacle one acrobat manages to fly across the stage as if gravity was inexistant, making the stage too small for her flight.

The live music coming from high above the main stage, puts the rythm to this performance. One musician on the drums and the other on the guitar. But that does not last long, because they interchange instruments to accommodate the different performances. This music is amazing and full of energy transporting the artists and audience throughout the full length of the spectacle.

The 50 minutes of this show went by in a flash...all you wanted was the show to continue all night. See the photos of this wonderful performance!

Directors: Helene Wawer, Elisabeth Kindler


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